Blue Plume Picture Framing


Mountboard comes in a variety of colours, sizes and types and they are made of a stiff board composed of lightweight foam sandwiched between two layers of paper.

This helps prevent curling and warping of delicate papers. The mount can also serve a purpose for the back of the frame as well as the front window.

No matter what your needs of framing, we’ve got thicknesses, colours and sizes to offer you "just what you’re looking for".

Pricing is also excellent to save you money without any drop in quality.

Mountboards are made exclusively
in the UK.

Bespoke Picture Framing Cranwell Village, Sleaford, Lincolnshire
Picture Frame Mounts at Blue Plume Framing
Bespoke Picture Frame Mounts at Blue Plume Framing
Beautiful Picture frame mounts at affordable prices