Blue Plume Picture Framing

Float Mounting Art

Float mounting is most practical for artwork when the image comes all the way to the edges. When a print has deckled or uneven edges, this treatment can also showcase the texture or shape of the paper, enhancing the overall beauty of the artwork and looking great on any wall.

The Float Mounting process is when all the edges of your art print or picture are exposed and then art is separated from the glass with a spacer. The art appears as if it were ‘floating within a frame’ because you can’t see it mounted to anything. I love float mounting because it gives your art that true gallery feel and can easily make any piece of art look more expensive. It looks especially good with our canvas art prints because it highlights the unique texture.

The floating style of framing is popular among museums and galleries because it allows the art to breathe and not be pressed directly up against the glass. Letting your art touch the glass is a no-no with original drawings and finer pieces of art because there is a risk of it getting it stuck to the glass, which can cause the ink or pencil to transfer and potentially ruin it.