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Here are a few Frequently asked Questions that I have devised. If the question you would like answering is not here, then please drop me an email and just ask away. Thank you.

Welcome to Blue Plume Picture Framing. I operate from home so do not have a commercial premise. Why did I call myself Blue Plume Picture Framing, well it was very simple? I served 25 years in the Army with a regiment (1st Battalion Irish Guards) who wore a Blue Plume in the right side of a bearskin cap. I therefore throught it would be extremely fitting to name a small picture Framing hobby I have after a small part of my past.

Can I just turn up at your shop?

Thanks for reading the F.A.Q. Well I don’t really have a shop nor a commercial premise. I only work from home as this is just a hobby I have. So, you would therefore be better off calling me and we can arrange a time for you to visit. I work full time Monday to Thursday and generally just do my picture framing Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but you are very welcome to call me anytime and discuss what it is you would like framed.

How expensive are you?

I am not expensive really, or at least not compared to a shop or a business who complete picture framing as a business. I will also depend on the materials you select to develop your framed art, picture, memorabilia or item. Due to me not having any business rates for a premises and also treating this as my hobby I can keep the price down considerably.

How long will it take to do my picture frame?

This will depend on several factors. Firstly if I have to order in your wood frame or mount colour then it could be about two weeks if however I have all the materials in then a few days to a week.

Do you have a good selection of frames?

Yes. I have over 300 frames to select from and 30 plus colours of mount board so we should be able to find what you are looking for.

Will you collect & deliver?

Yes. It will depend on the location you live. If you live in the Sleaford (within 6 miles radius) area, then I will bring some samples of wood frame and mount board to you. I will also bring a catalogue. This way you can match up the colours and frames to your walls, wallpaper and furniture. Once the work has been completed, I will also return your frame to you.